“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the floods, leads to fortune.”*

There can be no better description of the chaotic conditions prevailing around the world, particularly in the global economy, which also signifies that there indeed were opportunities for those with resolve, resource and fore sight to exploit.

The new management has, after exhaustive research finalized plans, for phased implementation which will ensure steady infusion of new products in the existing categories, launch of products in new categories and breaking out of the mould transform Shield® into a company with no frontiers may they be in products or in territorial reach.

Efficiency substantial investment has been made in acquiring and commissioning new machinery and moulds. Most significant, however, is that an attempt has been made to infuse a new spirit in the work place which is progressive, dynamic and result oriented. Marketing, for the first time is thematic, elegant and appealing both culturally as well as socially. In fact the whole objective is to reach out directly to those for whom the products have been carefully designed, manufactured tested and packaged so that they derive the same satisfaction from use as we do in producing.

We aim to make ourselves a part of our community,fulfill our social obligations and meaningfully contribute to fostering cultural activities.

* William Shakespeare